About me

As the name of my business suggests, my name is Bastian. I grew up with animals around me from an early age. Even my great-uncle was a shepherd and bred and trained sheepdogs on his farm. In our family we had a few dogs and I quickly realized that I can hardly imagine a life without animals, especially without dogs or cats.
I do not want to bore you with my other professional background, I'm actually from the IT and marketing area, have long been a partner and shareholder of a local law firm...

Dealing with animals is in my blood since I can think. This direct and unambiguous communication, the lively, honest emotionality of animals is exemplary for me for the equality of all life and its unity.
Shortly before I moved from Göttingen to Ramstein, I was working on a consulting concept in dealing with dogs, based on the quite anarchic principle of training-free communication.

I love sport in nature, and to have one or more dogs with you of course is fun and provides the necessary variety.
But you can write a lot, it is best, we get to know each other in person at an appointment, because a good basis of trust is of course a prerequisite when it comes to the care and protection of your beloved pets!

Best regards!